Photo of Newcastle City Council's Director of Perople division and one of our suppliers

Our Supply Chain

What we buy and where we buy it matters to us 

  • We buy local whenever possible; our coffee is supplied by Ringtons and our bread is supplied by Geordie Bakers
  • We are building an ethical supply chain. For example, we only use free range chicken and our tuna is dolphin friendly  
  • We are waste aware; all of our disposable coffee cups are fully compostable, a benefit you’ll seldom find on the high street
  • We pay our staff the Living Wage and wo do not use zero-hour contracts
  • We’ll make sure customers at your cart are aware of both your and our social and ethical commitments

If doing good matters to you too, why not view Our Menu?

Keeping it local

A taste of Newcastle

We are proud to work with high qualtiy, local suppliers - bring a taste of Newcastle to everything we produce. 

We would like to thank some of our key suppliers - incluidng Rington's and the Geordie Bakers - for their continued partnerships.

We are always on the look out for local suppliers who want to work with our outlets - interested? Get in touch here.